What Are The Upcoming Updates And Improvements For Clash of Clans?

Everyone loves Clash of Clans. The game managed to become incredibly popular and it remains one of the highest grossing mobile games. One of the reasons for its success is the fact that developers make sure that updates are released constantly.

The game has received several improvements and new additions since it was released and updates haven’t stopped at any point. While normal updates are released on a regular basis, the game also receives major updates from time to time. According to rumours, a big update is on its way at the moment.

Clash of Clans update

Several reports indicate that SuperCell is currently working on a big update. Clash of Clans should receive several improvements, and this is something that has also been confirmed in a Clash of Clans blog post which began by confirming that “The Clash Team is hard at work on the next update”.

The blog post also continues by detailing the changes that will become available in the next update. It appears that Supercell has planned many surprises for Clash of Clans users and we are here to tell you about them.

Upcoming changes

Are you tired of reloading your traps and defenses such as the Inferno Towers, the Eagle Artillery and so on? It appears that Supercell heard your complaints, and reloading these traps and defenses won’t be a chore any longer. In the future, they will be automatically reloaded every time you log back in. More than that, reloading will be completely free from now on. All you have to do is log in, and the game will do the rest for you.

The next update will also bring the Magic Item inventory button in the Builder Hall/ Town Hall, moving it from the Clan Castle. The update will also allow you to delete donated troops from the War Clan Castles of other Clan Members.

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