Pokemon Go 0.135.1 APK Adds a New Feature Called “Snapshot Go”

Pokemon Go is one of the world’s most popular mobile games and there is a good reason behind that. Pokemon Go has managed to stay on top of the “most downloaded games” charts during this past couple of years because Niantic is updating the game on a regular basis. These updates usually focus on enhancing the game’s stability by introducing bug fixes. However, some updates introduce new features that make the game even more fun to play. This is exactly what’s happening with the brand-new Pokemon Go 0.135.1 APK which has been recently released.

Pokemon Go 0.135.1 APK

As previously mentioned, the latest update for Pokemon Go sports the 0.135.1 version number and it can be downloaded in the form of APK. For those who are not familiar with this type of update format, APK stands for “android package kit” and therefore, this type of updates can only be installed on Android powered smartphones.

What’s New?

This is a high priority update for all Pokemon Go fans who love taking pictures. The reason why we are saying this is because the new 0.135.1 APK introduces a special feature called Go Snapshot. This feature can be used by players to take pictures of their favorite Pokemon in real-life environments with the help of AR (augmented reality) technology.

System Requirements

The new update has been designed for smartphones that are running on Android 8.0 Oreo. Fortunately, the update can also be installed on older smartphones because it requires a minimum of Android 4.4 KitKat operating system in order to work properly.

This is a fairly big update and it measures in at 97.3MB. Therefore, we advise all Pokemon Go fans who are interested in downloading and installing the update on their smartphones to make sure to get it via a stable Wi-Fi network so that they don’t use up all of their mobile data.

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