Roblox Tips and Tricks: How to Fuse Weapons for Triple Damage

Roblox is one of the world’s most popular online games and many are saying that it has replaced Minecraft. Just like Minecraft, Roblox offers a great gameplay experience that also helps kids learn valuable life skills such as coding. Nonetheless, the reason why we are talking about Roblox today is because we are going to present Roblox players with a short guide on how they can fuse weapons.

Fusing weapons is a “must” for all players who want to get better at Roblox and even though this process might sound a little bit complicated at first, we assure all players that it gets easier after doing it a couple of times.

How to Fuse Weapons

Players who are ready to fuse weapons need to head over to a place where they can find swords such as Telamon for example. After arriving there, players are advised to purchase two swords and get them ready. Let’s say that the Icebrand is number 1 on tools and that Firebrand is 2, then players will need to press the backspace key on 1 and press 2 as fast as possible in order to pick up the Icebrand. The one thing that players need to keep in mind here is that timing is essential.

In case some players might be wondering why they should even bother fusing weapons, then they should know that fusing two swords will triple their attack power. Not just that, but the attack motion will remain the same and it will make the enemy player lag which makes it more difficult for enemies to run away.

We also advise all players to make sure and create a backup of their place because using a fused weapon can get the Roblox Studio to crash. This rarely happens, but its always better to be prepared for the worst.

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