Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks for New Players

Clash of Clans has been out since 2012 and the mobile game has managed to reign the “most downloaded games” charts ever since. Supercell is the developer behind Clash of Clans and Supercell has kept on improving the game every month with new updates that introduce cool features, new units and buildings that players can explore.

On the other hand, the hundreds of content updates that Clash of Clans has received until now has made the game difficult to learn for new players. Here is where we come in because today we are going to present the top three most essential Clash of Clans tricks.

  • Choose Your Marks Carefully

Raiding enemy villages is the fastest and most fun way to get resources in Clash of Clans. However, this is a double-edged sword because players can always lose the raid. Not just that, but attacking an enemy also means the player’s own village will be left unprotected. Therefore, we advise all Clash of Clans players to choose their marks carefully and try to find inactive players. They are the easier targets and they won’t fight back.

  • Revenge is Sweet

Revenge is best served cold, right? This is exactly what all Clash of Clans players need to learn. The reason why we are saying that is because if a player gets attacked by an enemy and fends off the attack, then that player will be able to inspect the enemy’s village and learn exactly what kind of defenses they are using.

  • Trophies are Not That Important

While it might seem like trophies are really cool the first time that players get them, it’s always better to drop them. Having lots of trophies means that the Clash of Clans system will match players against enemies who also have lots of trophies and thus, they are highly skilled at the game and difficult to beat.

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