PlayStation 5 Would Have Cloud Gaming, According To A “War Thunder” Dev

While we might be two years away from the launch of PlayStation 5, according to new information, the fans of Sony’s consoles are still struggling to put together the pieces offered by rumors, leaks, and so on regarding the PS5 next-gen console. Now, another part of the puzzle came from Anton Yudintsev, a War Thunder dev and the CEO of Gaijin Entertainment. He thinks that PlayStation 5 would support cloud gaming.

In an interview with GamingBolt, Yudintsev admitted that, in his opinion, PlayStation 5 would have cloud gaming. He also thinks the same about Xbox Two (Xbox Scarlett). “I’m almost sure that cloud gaming will be available in the new generation of consoles,” stated Yudintsev for GamingBolt.

“In that case, we should see cheaper consoles, which will open the world of console gaming for more players, and that’s great for both gamers and game developers. Developers can be adding more hi-tech graphics features to their games as cloud gaming will make it available for a wider audience,” the War Thunder dev added.

A “War Thunder” Dev Believes That PlayStation 5 Would Have Cloud Gaming

“The ‘end’ of the current generation brought us 4K and 30 FPS with the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X, so I expect we will see more of it. The retail part of games distribution is already weak, which brings some challenge to platform holders in the next generation – retail stores were not only getting their margin but also provided visibility for games and consoles,” Anton Yudintsev said.

In fact, more and more people, both gamers and industry analysts, believe that cloud gaming is the future of video gaming. Also, many tech companies, including giants like Google, are investing billions of dollars in cloud technology. And speaking of Google, the tech giant already beta tested its Project Stream game streaming platform.

Accordingly, Sony, with its PlayStation 5 next-gen console, would have no reason not to embark itself on this boat. The same goes for Microsoft with its Xbox Two.

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