Borderlands 3 Announcement Might Come At PAX East

According to some recent rumors, Gearbox would come up at PAX East with a Borderlands 3 announcement. But there are only speculations in this regard, as nothing official appeared on the Internet from the games studio.

Just yesterday, the official PAX East schedule rolled out online, detailing everything that’s going to happen at the conference, including panels and tournaments, as well as new presentations of future game projects. One panel is referring to Gearbox Main Theatre Show. The location of the presentation and the promise to reveal never-before-seen stuff made the speculations on a possible Borderlands 3 announcement reignite.

Lately, sources from all over the Internet reported that, indeed, Borderlands 3 is currently under development at Gearbox. Gearbox, for its part, has been teasing players about the game since 2015. PAX East, therefore, could be the perfect games congress for the company to announce Borderland 3 or whatever they would call the upcoming title in the franchise.

Borderlands 3 Announcement Might Come At PAX East

Maybe Gearbox will not reveal Borderlands 3 at PAX East, but another title, so we’re only relying on rumors and speculations when saying that a Borderlands 3 announcements might come at PAX East.

However, we guess that Gearbox is planning something huge at PAX East. Here’s why! First, Gearbox is based in Texas and could have always opted to attend PAX South which is held in the Lone Star State. Instead, the studio decided to go to PAX East, held in Boston, Massachusetts. Secondly, the Gearbox’s event at PAX East will take place at the convention’s main theater, right after the kick-off of PAX East.

Wrapping it up, Gearbox might indeed announce Borderlands 3 at PAX East or at least another, very significant future project. Well, at the moment we don’t have further information on this topic, but we believe that more details would come out as we move closer to PAX East which would kick off on March 28th.

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