Overwatch Might Use Hero Rotation In The Future

Overwatch has now 30 playable characters, after Baptiste was added to the roster. Each hero has its own special traits, and Blizzard plans to add even more in the future. It appears that developers aren’t out of ideas, and they have planned several additions.

During a GameSpot Q&A lead hero designer Geoff Goodman talked about the game: “We have a bunch of heroes that we’re playing with, a bunch of ideas, a bunch of gameplay concepts,” he explained. “As long as people are playing Overwatch we’re looking at adding content to it.”

Hero rotation

If more heroes will be added in the future, there’s a chance that it will be harder to manage them. However, it appears that Blizzard has already prepared for this situation. Developers came up with several solutions, and one of them could be rotating heroes. However, this is not a set decision, just an idea that has been discussed recently. According to Goodman, hero rotation is definitely not needed at the moment. It remains to see whether things will change in the future.

“We talk a decent amount about [rotating heroes]–that, and what’s paired a lot with it is hero bans, hero picks, things like that because they’re both kind of related to roster size,” Goodman said. “We don’t have any plans about that right now. It does come up in conversation. If we get a big enough roster that we feel like we would benefit from that, or maybe each competitive season we could do something like that. We sort of idly talk about it; we don’t have any plans. Right now we don’t feel like we’re at the point where we have enough heroes where that seems to make sense. But if we reach a point that it just feels like too many then yeah, we might do something like that.”

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