Thomas The Tank Engine Replaces Mr. X In The Scariest Resident Evil 2


Mods are amazing, since they allow players to customize their favorite games. They allow developers to test their creativity. Mods can be either something major, or just some simple additions. And in some cases, a minor change can change the entire atmosphere. That is the case for the latest Resident Evil mod.

A new character

The latest Resident Evil 2 mod brings the Thomas The Tank Engine to the game. Yes, you heard that right. Thomas, the beloved cartoon character, replaces Mr. X in Resident Evil 2. His lack of facial expressions and the smile plastered on his face make it a lot more terrifying to be chased around by it.

The Internet is already excited about this mod, and fans have been talking about it for a couple of days. Everyone agrees that this mod manages to make Resident Evil 2 even creepier.

More than that, players can also choose to download a matching soundtrack. The jolly songs sound straight out of a nightmare when the inflammable train follows you around. Twitter users already shared some videos of the mod:

There’s now a Mr. X mod in Resident Evil 2 Remake that replaces him with Thomas The Tank Engine.

I live for this kind of shit

— Pixelbuster (@Nitomatta) March 2, 2019

If you want to see more, you can watch another video of it here.

This is not the first time Thomas The Tank Engine has been added to a video game. In the past, we saw the cartoon character replace even the dragons from Skyrim. However, we have to admit that this new mod is the scariest appearance of Thomas The Tank Engine.

If you want to give this mod a try, you can download it here. More than that, you can also find its matching creepy sound effects at this link.

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