Treasure Maps Are Coming To Fortnite

Each Fornite season comes with a different theme, and for Season 8 pirates were chosen. Which means that the entire season will be packed with items and events based on this theme. This week we will receive a new addition: treasure maps.

Just like pirates, players will be able to find buried treasures. Not many details have been revealed so far, although it is not hard to guess what treasure maps will bring.  Players were also offered a 51 seconds teaser for the game, and you can take a look at it here. The teaser offers us the following information: ““X marks the spot. Scour the island for hidden loot with the new Buried Treasure item!”.

Leaks, rumours, and speculations

Since there are no official details, fans and leakers are already posting their own theories. For instance, the sound files for the item were already leaked, although that might not be very helpful at the moment. More than that, a recent leak presents the location for one of the buried treasure maps. According to Fort Tory, square 14 of the Battle Royale map might have a piece of treasure.

The update is expected to come with multiple surprises. Season 8 was already launched last week, but content update 8.0.0. will bring several new additions. The new season brought several new things with it. The patch notes for the new Battle Pass Epic Games read the following:

“Season 8 has arrived and a monstrous volcano has appeared!

Freed from the Ice King’s castle, the now-powerful Prisoner has brought fire and flame to Fortnite and its islands.

Pirates, Ninjas and a ship load of new fighters will tussle over treasure, battle with Pirate Cannons and uncover legendary loot.

For those daring enough to explore, the new Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps locations are just a jump away with the help of Volcanic Vents.”

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