Elder Scrolls: Blades Would Come With A One-Handed Controls Option

The idea of playing Elder Scrolls on a smartphone and with only one hand seemed crazy a while ago. Even so, fans were very excited when they heard that a mobile-friendly version of their favorite game is waiting to be launched – Elder Scrolls: Blades.

Elder Scrolls: Blades was introduced during the press conference organized by Bethesda Softworks for their E3 2018 event. Back then, people were not quite sure what the company’s lead, Todd Howard, was talking about.

In time, his statement turned out to be more than an empty promise. He presented Elder Scrolls: Blades as a full-blown version of the previously launched game, adding that fans will highly appreciate its particular characteristics – it can be played on mobile devices and by using just one hand.

Unique features of Elder Scroll: Blades would include one-handed controls

Elder Scroll: Blades has every chance of becoming a blockbuster as soon as it rolls out. People will love the way it works and looks on an iPhone XS Max or Samsung Galaxy S10, for example, but these won’t be the only compatible mobile devices. The menu and structure are a little bit different than those of other games from the Elder Scrolls family, but they are adapted to playing ”on the go.”

According to experts, the one-handed control in Elder Scrolls: Blades will revolutionize the mobile gaming industry. This option becomes available by switching the device into landscape mode. The scheme allows players to manage their movements and obtain progress by touching the screen’s right and left corners.

The same “MO” can be used for moving from one point to another, win a fight, or perform many other operations. The one-handed control method makes things more comfortable and a lot more fun. Although some fans might use the classical approach, a lot of people are ready to try the one-handed control option as soon as Elder Scrolls: Blades launches.

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