Fortnite 8.01 – Here’s What This Major Update Brings

Fortnite released its latest season recently, and the theme for this one is pirates. Now update 8.01 is here, and it brings several new additions for the new season. Before the update was launched, we received an interesting teaser that showed us three teams fighting for a hidden treasure. The teaser read: “ X marks the spot. Scour the island for hidden loot with the new Buried Treasure item!”

The 8.01 update is a big one and it comes with several new additions. Let’s take a closer look.

The Buried Treasure item

As you could’ve already guessed from the teaser, buried treasures are an important part of the update. There is a new Legendary-tier item which represents the Buried Treasure item. In fact it is a map that can be very useful for Fortnite players, as it shows them locations that have hidden loot, from all over the island.

You will receive Legendary loot if you find a chest. You can only hold one map at a time, and once you reach the location you will have to use your pickaxe in order to dig for the treasure.

Other additions

The Buried Treasure is the most important feature of this new update, but it isn’t the only addition added to the game. For instance, the new Limited Time Mode is the Slide Duos. Basically, you can slide all over the place, and you are a lot faster when you run. More than that, there is no fall damage. Each player receives a Grappler with unlimited ammo.

There are also some minor tweaks. For instance, you won’t be able to find Bottle Rockets in the game for a while. More than that, you won’t take damage from sliding down terrain any more. There is also a lower chance of finding the Infantry Rifle.

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