Rockstar Games is Already Working on GTA 6, Here is the Expected Release Date

After the massive success of GTA 5, everyone expected that Rockstar Games would not waste any time and start developing GTA 6 right away. Well, this isn’t what happened. Rockstar Games wanted to prove that it is not a “one-trick pony” and it decided to start working on Red Dead Redemption 2 instead. This was the right move from Rockstar Games because Red Dead Redemption 2 is an incredible game which is so good that it raised the standards in the gaming industry.

Rockstar Games is Already Working on GTA 6

Now that Red Dead Redemption 2 is out, this means that Rockstar Games is already working on GTA 6. We can be sure that the development phase for the game has already started because the game developer has listed tens of jobs for new programmers, graphical engineers and much more. Rockstar Games is expanding its team because the expectations for GTA 6 are massive and the game developer needs to deliver if it wants GTA 6 to benefit from the same success as GTA 5. Nonetheless, when can we expect GTA 6 to come out?

GTA 6 Release Date

Since GTA 6 is still in the development phase, Rockstar Games has yet to announce an official release date on the game. Therefore, no one can say for use when the game is going to launch. However, what we can tell everyone is that the game is not going to launch this year.

Everyone is hoping that Rockstar Games will attend this year’s E3 gaming event and at least announce that GTA 6 is coming. Unfortunately, this is highly unlikely to happen. The only thing that would happen if Rockstar Games announce the release date for the game during the E3 event would be to set a deadline that might put pressure on the developers. Therefore, we believe that the earliest date for a GTA 6 announcement is 2020.

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