Sony Makes Room for PS5 by Killing PlayStation Vita

The highly anticipated PS5 is closer than ever and Sony’s latest actions prove to us that the next-generation console is going to launch in 2020 or 2021. Even though Sony is doing its best to keep all information about PS5 away from the media’s eyes, the Japanese based tech giant can’t hide away the fact that it’s adding the finishing touches to PS5 and that its already planning the best way to announce it.

Sony Kills PlayStation Vita

We previously stated that Sony’s latest actions prove to us that PS5’s release date is close. What we meant by this is the fact that Sony has officially killed the PlayStation Vita. Sonny confirmed in a recent press release that it will stop manufacturing the handheld gaming console in order to make room for a new product.

Ask yourself, what could this new product be? Yes, this is PS5 that Sony is talking about. In addition, the handheld gaming market has been on a downfall ever since smartphones have been getting more and more powerful to the point that they can run games such as Fortnite and PUBG.

E3 2019 Pressure from Microsoft

As every gamer already knows, E3 is the biggest gaming-related event of the year and every major gaming company is scheduled to attend the event and reveal its latest games and hardware. Microsoft announced yesterday that it will host a panel at the event and rumor has it that Microsoft wants to officially announce its own next-generation console.

This is great news for both Xbox and PlayStation fans. If Microsoft does decide to announce its next-generation console, then this is going to put pressure on Sony to do the same. Therefore, PlayStation fans should expect to hear some news about the powerful hardware specs and innovative features that PS5 will have to offer in the upcoming months.

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  1. “…But not at E3. Where Sony will be conspicuously absent in 2019.”

    The Vita has been D.E.A.D in the eyes of Sony since 2015 everywhere except for Japan. If you want to talk semantics however; if Sony truly killed it, they wouldn’t still be putting out sporadic updates in the hope of stopping those pesky kids. Uhh, hackers.

    I said 12 months ago that remote play is too big a feature for Sony to abandon – and that when the PS5 comes around, there will be an alternative (in the design of a superior Wii U esque console, or even PSP3 / Vita 2)… I never dreamed they’d bring remote play to iOS. They saw mobile gaming, and remote play, and somehow got it so, so wrong. Idiotic.

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