Top 7 Most Incredible Minecraft Tips and Tricks

Even though it’s been almost a decade since Minecraft was released, the game is still going strong to this day. Mojang created an amazing game that lets players express their creativity by building incredible structures. Not only that, but the process of having to gather resources in order to craft essential items such as a pickaxe is fun. The coolest thing about Minecraft is that despite being so old, there are still lots of new things that players can learn to this day. With that said, today we are going to show you a couple of cool Minecraft tips and tricks that you probably don’t know about.

Incredible Minecraft Tips and Tricks

  • Players who crouch behind a wall or underground will hide their nameplate;
  • If a player is in a minecart that is located on a rail, then that payer can ride straight through a 1-block wall;
  • Carrying lava in a bucket will prove to be quite useful since a single bucket can fuel a furnace for up to 1,000 seconds. This means that players can cook up to 1,000 items with a single bucket of lava;
  • Talking about fueling the furnace, everyone should know that they can fuel it with any item made from wood. This also includes bookshelves, chests, jukeboxes, fences and even trapdoors;
  • Players who enjoy the game’s Survival Mode should know that swords will break cacti and melons the fastest. On the other hand, axes are the most efficient when it comes to breaking pumpkins;
  • Torches are really useful in this game and we are not only talking about the light that they provide. Torches can be placed on furnaces and crafting which makes it possible for players to build interesting structures;
  • The most amazing thing about torches is the fact that they can hold any amount of weight.

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