GTA Online: Flight Week with Exciting Game Modes is Here

Everyone is waiting for Rockstar Games to announce GTA 6 and the game developer has even started expanding its team by hiring new developers that will help create the game. However, this doesn’t mean that Rockstar Games has forgotten all about GTA 5. The reason why we are saying this is because Rockstar Games has started a new GTA Online event that is all about flying. The event is called “Flight Week” and as its name implies, the event is packed with aviation activities that give players the chance to earn lots of rewards.

Flight Week

One of the most fun things to do in GTA Online is to get in a plane and sour through the skies and this is exactly what everyone who wants to win in-game rewards is going to do this week in GTA Online. The new event introduces a bunch of exciting game modes and they all involve using an aircraft. The rewards for these modes offer double the normal RP and GTA$ rewards.

Fun Mods

The modes where players can win extra rewards are Top Fun, G-Rating, Stockpile and Air Force Zero. What’s great about these modes is the fact that they give players a chance to show off their flying skills and get in exciting dog fights with other players. We should mention that one of the game mods also takes players to the ground where they need to pursue other players.

Therefore, GTA Online players who know their way around a plane or helicopter are going to make lots of GTA$ this week. Although, everyone should keep in mind that most GTA Online players are not that comfortable with aircrafts and there will be lots of crashes in the Top Fun, G-Rating, Stockpile and Air Force Zero modes.

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