Google Gaming Console Controller Might Come Out At GDC 2019

Images of a Google gaming console controller have appeared online, and they show us how the controller would look like. As it turns out, the pictures are in fact a first look design mockup of the Google game controller. Nonetheless, it is still interesting to see them, as they give us a better idea about how the console will look like.

The GDC 2019 is expected to be the event during which Google will reveal a new product. It is believed that the game controller that was leaked recently, along with Google’s Project Stream, would be the one that is going to be unveiled during the event.

How does the new Google gaming console controller look like?

Since it is just a mockup, we can’t take it too seriously. However, there is a chance that the Google gaming console controller won’t be too different in reality. The images show us a console that looks quite massive and difficult to use.

The analog joysticks are not offset, which might be a disadvantage for Nintendo and Xbox users, who are used to a different joystick placement. More than that, there are big rectangular handles which can become quite uncomfortable after numerous hours of gaming.

More than that, the images show us a console that uses colors instead of names for the buttons. The A, B, X and Y buttons of the Nintendo and the Xbox are green, red, yellow and blue on this console. The colors are the ones of the Google logo, but it still doesn’t look like a smart naming decision.

The patent that was filed by Google back in October 2018 also shows us that the form of the device is the one presented in the mockup, and there are two shoulder buttons as well. Yanko Design realized the mockup pictures.

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