PS5 Breaking News: Sony Is Hiring a “Lead Graphics Engineer”

Everyone is waiting for PS5 to be officially announced or for Sony to give us a glimpse of what’s to come, but the Japanese based tech giant is keeping quiet. Sony doesn’t want to reveal any information about PS5 in order to not show its next move to Microsoft and to use the element of surprise when it finally decides to announce PS5. Talking about PS5’s release date, a new job listing posted by Sony reveals to us that the next-generation console might be launching sooner than expected.

Sony Job Listing

The PlayStation studio has added a new job opening on its career website. The job is for a “Lead Graphics Engineer” in the Research & Development team. While the job listing might not reveal that much at a first glance, it does show to us that Sony is expanding its team in order to accelerate PS5’s development.

Research and Development

We should note that the Research & Development is the most valuable department of gaming companies such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. This department is in charge of creating new features for gaming consoles and also for coming up with powerful hardware technology.

“Research and Development are PlayStation’s technology experts. We develop innovative technologies that push the boundaries of play, helping game developers make the best games on PlayStation by creating world-class SDK,” said the job description for the new spot at Sony.

Improved Ray Tracing

Tech analysts are reporting that the reason why Sony is looking to hire a Lead Graphics Engineer is because the Japanese based tech giant wants to introduce improved Ray Tracing features. This means that PS5 will feature lights and shadows that behave just like in the real world. The way this technology works is by creating a special software that tracks the path of all beams of light in games.

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