Pokemon Go Advanced Tips and Tricks for Catching Pokemon

Pokemon Go is one of the world’s most popular mobile games and it offers a fun gameplay experience. The game gives everyone the chance to live their childhood dream of becoming a Pokemon Trainer and this is why millions of people are playing it every single day. The awesome thing about Pokemon Go is the fact that the game uses AR (augmented reality) technology which gets people out of their homes in the search for Pokemon. Nonetheless, today we want to show all players the best ways to catch Pokemon.

Catching Pokemon Tips and Tricks

Catching Pokemon used to be rather simple when the game originally launched. However, the developers of Pokemon Go have kept improving the game through a regular stream of updates that made the game more fun to play and more difficult at the same time. Therefore, catching Pokemon is a little bit more difficult and players need to learn a couple of tips and tricks.

  • Great and Ultra Balls

Players who get lucky and stumble upon a rare Pokemon while playing the game should always make sure to use either a great or an ultra ball. Rare Pokemon are a tad more difficult to catch and using the great ball will give players a 1.5x chance to capture while the ultra ball offers a 2.0 change of capture. While this boost might not seem that big, it actually makes a huge difference.

  • The Curveball Technique

Just like in baseball, throwing a curveball is a high risk, high reward technique. The curveball technique increases the chance of capture by 1.7x and this means that if a player learns how to throw curveballs and he does it with an ultra ball, then that player will have a 3.4x chance of capture. This is why all players need to master their throws.

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