Clash of Clans Secret Trick to Save Resources From Raiders

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games in the world and the most impressive thing about this is that the game was released back in the summer of 2012. There have been many games which reached the number one “most downloaded” spot, but their popularity has faded in the coming months. This is not the case for Clash of Clans because this game is much more complex than it might seem at a first glance.

Clash of Clans is a fun game and the reason why players keep coming back for more is because they can create clever strategies that help them get better and dominate their enemies. Just like generals are always thinking about new war strategies for their troops, Clash of Clans players need to figure out smart ways to defeat their foes. With that said, today we want to share a secret trick for Clash of Clans that will help players save their resources when they are being raided.

Hidden Trick

Before we start things off we need to mention that despite being a hidden trick, nearly all veteran players use it. Although, this trick doesn’t get passed down through other tiers of players, this is where we come in. Therefore, we advise everyone to share this trick with their friends who might not have any idea about it.

How to Save Resources

If you ever find yourself in a battle that you can’t win, then you might want to start queuing as many troops as possible. This is going to make all your resources unavailable for the raider who is attacking your base to steal them and you can get them back by simply canceling the troop recruiting process just before it finishes. In addition, this trick is not considered an exploit and everyone can use it without having to worry about getting banned.

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