Fortnite Leak Revealed New Elite Agent Style, Other Skins, And More

Now that the Fortnite 8.10 update files are available, data miners turner to them for gathering more details about what’s coming next in Fortnite, the most popular Battle Royale title. According to the guys behind the most recent Fortnite leak, new Elite Agent style, along with several other skins and styles, among other things, would come to the game soon.

As the data miners reported, some files in the new Fortnite 8.10 update suggest that the game would sport a new Elite Agent style which seems to be without a mask. In the 8.0 version, the so-called Waypoint style was also present, only that it has never been made available for gamers. Now, in Fortnite 8.10 update, the style is unlocked for those players who already have the skin in their lockers.

The same goes for the Elite Agents. The fans asked for a long time for an Elite Agent skin without a mask, and Epic Games finally obeyed to the players’ wish. You can see how it looks like below:

Recent Fortnite leak also revealed other skins and styles

Besides the new unmasked style for the Elite Agent in Fortnite, data miners also uncovered some different styles and skins for other three characters that would come in the famous Battle Royale title.

Accordingly, Renegade Raider, Overtaker, and Whiteout skins have been noticed. You can see how these new styles look like below:

While the data miners reveal how these new skins and styles look like, they couldn’t also find out when these additions would come to Fortnite. However, since they are already available in the files of the new Fortnite 8.10 update, we can only imagine that it won’t take too long before these skins and styles become playable.

In other news, the Fortnite 8.10 update is already available to download and install, and it comes with some neat additions, such as a new vehicle, among other things.

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