Pokemon Go: How to Use Incubators, Buddy Pokemon and Candies

Pokemon Go is the world’s only mobile game that managed to get everyone out of the house when it first launched. As everyone already knows, Pokemon Go uses the innovative AR (augmented reality) technology which gives people the chance to live their childhood dream of catching Pokemon as Ash did in the animated series. Nonetheless, we know that Pokemon Go is a difficult game and we have prepared a couple of useful tips and tricks that will help new players get better overnight.

How to Use Incubators

Incubators are one of the most important items in Pokemon Go because they are needed in order to hatch eggs. While using incubators is intuitive, there is a tip that all new players should learn before starting to use them. Some incubators can hatch eggs 3X faster. This is why we advise all players to make sure to use the boosted incubators on 10KM eggs and never on smaller ones.

How to Use Buddy Pokemon

The Buddy Pokemon is a cool feature and the mistake that all new players make is that they use this feature on popular Pokemon such as Pikachu. As everyone already knows, some Pokemon are more difficult to find and also finding candies for rare Pokemon is even more difficult. Therefore, players shouldn’t use the Buddy Pokemon on a popular Pokemon that can be found everywhere.

Save Your Candies

As tempting as it might be to use your candies in order to boost the level of the first Pokemon that you caught, this is not the wisest move. The higher your XP as a Pokemon trainer gets, the more difficult it becomes to level up. With that said, the best thing that Pokemon Go players can do with their candies is to keep them for higher level Pokemon such as 30+.

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