PS5 News: Sony Files Patent That Will Make Challenging Games Easier to Beat

Tech analysts from all over the world are sharing their opinions on what kind of powerful features Sony’s next-generation PS5 will have to offer such as 4K and 240 FPS and while these impressive graphics performances might sound amazing, Sony has yet to confirm anything. On the other hand, a YouTube by the name of “Skullzi” has managed to discover an innovative PS5 feature that in a way has been confirmed by Sony.

The feature is called “personalized data driven game system” and Sony has filed the patent for this feature back in October 2018. The patent explains how PS5 will gather information while the user is playing the game and use this information in order to personalize the gameplay experience.

Personalized Gaming Experience

Now that the information about Sony’s new gaming patent, tech analysts have started sharing their opinion about it. One analyst said that the new patent filing from Sony is actually a “A narrative of the video game is personalized to an experience level of the payer”. There are many who agree with this theory and they believe that Sony wants to introduce personalized assistance to games.

Personalized Assistance

A popular theory about the new and innovative feature that Sony is planning to introduce along with the launch of PS5 is personalized assistance. This is a deep learning neural network that gathers data about how the player is playing games that are infamous for being difficult such as Dark Souls and then, the feature will help players by giving them tips and indications.

The personalized assistance feature could also be used in driving games where the feature could help the user push the breaks whenever a crash is about to happen. While this feature might sound cool and innovative, we do have to admit that it takes the fun out of finishing challenging games that require skill above anything else.

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