Resident Evil 2 Mod Brings Captain Marvel To The Game

Recently a new Resident Evil 2 mod was released, and it brings Captain Marvel to the game. The heroine will replace Claire Redfield. The mod acts as a simple costume for the character, and you might be disappointed to find out that none of the Captain Marvel superpowers will be available in the game.

Captain Marvel is the latest Marvel character to receive a movie, and it appears that the film was a huge success. Fans loved Captain Marvel so much that they decided to add her to other forms of entertainment as well.

Resident Evil 2 mod adds Captain Marvel to the game

Resident Evil 2 was launched in January, and the gaming community had a lot of fun with the game. Modders were also inspired, and numerous mods were released. For instance, Regina from Dino Crisis was also added to Resident Evil 2.

More than that, players are also able to replace Mr. X with Nemesis, an infamous Resident Evil character. Since it will take some time until we will get a Resident Evil 3 remake, this mod is the next best thing.

Numerous other mods are available for Resident Evil 2. For instance, players can also choose to change the gameplay in various ways. A first-person mode can be selected and classically fixed camera angles can be brought back with the help of another mod.

Resident Evil 2 made an appearance in other games as well. For instance, PUBG Mobile has a new special event that allows players to access a new game mode. This mode will be available for a limited period and it will enable players to fight zombies in a modified version of the map. There are also some Resident Evil 3 skins that can be purchased.

Now, it’s time for Captain Marvel to come to Resident Evil 2 via a new Resident Evil 2 mod.

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