Google Gaming Console Might Indeed Roll Out At GDC 2019

The Game Developers Conference 2019 (GDC 2019) will be delighted by the presence of Google even though this is not considered a big deal. That has basically become a tradition for the company because they come there annually as, after all, Google Play and Android smartphones are considered a gaming platform. Now, we have many signs that a Google gaming console would roll out during GDC 2019.

Usually, the company shows up with blog posts, and all the primary festivities, but this year is not the same situation. Since last month, Google has begun sensing out vague teasers for a Game Developers Conference event, but as the date is getting closer, more and more hints of precisely what is being announced are coming from the company – The Google gaming console will launch for the Project Stream platform.

People basically received an invitation via a new YouTube video asking them to “gather around as we unveil Google’s vision for the future of gaming at GDC19.” The “Project Stream” beta test has just been finished by Google as it streamed from the Internet to any desktop version of Chrome a full version of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. A game-streaming platform undoubtedly fits a vision for the future of gaming. However, the company has just begun to improve this piece of software.

Will we have a Google gaming console at GDC 2019?

That is a hardware announcement, and we have two big pieces of evidence that will prove it to you. First and foremost, Google is not a lightly compartmentalized company, and Google’s senior vice president of Hardware, Risk Osterloh, surely is the person who promotes this event on Twitter. There can’t be another person.

The division that also brought us the Pixel phone has Osterloh behind it, and he is also behind other Google hardware products such as Google Home. The fact that he is involved in all this means that we should get ready for the new Google gaming console coming our way shortly.

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