GTA 6 Announcement Trailer is Releasing Soon

The GTA franchise is loved by gamers from all around the world, both on console and PC. The latest title in the franchise is GTA 5 and this game is so good that it raised the standards in the gaming industry. Not just that, but GTA 5 raked in more than one billion for Rockstar Games and therefore, the game developer is expected to release a new game in the upcoming future.

The “Red Dead Redemption 2” Factor

The reason why we haven’t seen any announcement trailers for GTA 6 until now is because Rockstar Games wanted to focus on creating Red Dead Redemption 2 instead. Even though everyone was disappointed to hear that they will not be playing GTA 6 in the upcoming years when the game was announced, Red Dead Redemption 2 proved to be an incredible game and pushing back the release of GTA 6 was worth it. Nonetheless, Red Dead Redemption 2 is now out and the development process for GTA 6 has started.

Rockstar Games Expands Its Team

As previously mentioned, the development process for GTA 6 has already started. Rockstar Games has started expanding its team a couple of months ago by listing tens of job openings at its headquarters. Therefore, Rockstar Games is investing all its resources into creating the highly anticipated GTA 6.

When Can We Expect an Announcement Trailer?

While the internet might be buzzing with rumors and speculations in anticipation for GTA 6 to be announced, Rockstar Games has yet to make any official announcements. If we take a look at previous announcements from Rockstar Games, then we are going to see that the game developer likes to do them during the E3 press conference. This year’s E3 event starts on June 11th and that is when we are expecting to see an announcement trailer.

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