Pokemon Go – Get Better with These Top 3 Tips and Tricks

Pokemon Go might seem like a simple game at a first glance since all that players have to do is to catch Pokemon out in the world and to take long walks for their eggs to hatch. However, there is more to the mobile than this and all veteran players will confirm that. Today we are going to present a couple of useful tips and tricks that will help all Pokemon Go players get better.

How to Transfer Pokemon for Candies

Players who need XP and don’t have any way of finding candies should be happy to know that there is a way to exchange Pokemon for candies. The Professor has an option called “Transfer Pokemon” and players can use it in order to maximize the number of candies they can get. After players catch a Pokemon and the Stardust and Candy appear in their bag, then the players can head over to the Professor and then transfer out the Pokemon that they don’t need in exchange for extra Candy rewards.

How to Lower Battery Consumption

Pokemon Go is one of the first mobile games to implement AR (augmented reality) technology and while it might look cool because it brings the game to life, the AR is infamous for using up lots of battery power. Therefore, Pokemon Go players who want to play the game as long as possible and not have to recharge their smartphones every hour might want to consider turning off the AR mode.

How to Choose a Rare Buddy

Finding rare Pokemon is what makes the game so fun to play. The best way for players to have a rare type Pokemon is to pick one for the buddy system. The rare Pokemon will evolve in due time and the players will have a powerful rare type Pokemon at their disposal.

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