Sony is Interested in Making GTA 6 a PS5 Exclusive Game

One of the main reasons why Take-Two has yet to launch GTA 6 is because the game developer is waiting for Sony to release its next-generation PS5. However, a new report from Marketwatch is saying that there is a more important reason to why Take-Two is waiting for PS5. Rumor has it that Sony is in talks with Take-Two in order to purchase the company and all its intellectual properties which include God of War and the Uncharted franchise among others.

Sony to Purchase Take-Two

The fact that Sony might be interested in purchasing Take-Two doesn’t come as a surprise to us. Sony has been heavily investing in exclusive titles all throughout 2018 and from the looks of it, the Japanese based tech giant is ready to take things to the next level. Just imagine how fast Sony’s new PS5 would sell out if GTA 6 gets announced as a PS5 exclusive title.


We think it’s safe to say that GTA 6 is the most highly anticipated games in the world. Nearly every gamer has played at least one GTA title with GTA 5 being the most popular one. Therefore, millions of console and PC players from all over the world are waiting for Take-Two to reveal GTA 6. Therefore, Sony’s decision to purchase Take-Two and the games that this developer has created will prove to be quite profitable.

Take-Two’s Stock Goes Up

Even though this is all a rumor and neither Sony or Take-Two have made any announcements about being in talks for a takeover, Take-Two’s stock climbed by 4.7 percent thanks to this rumor, valuing the game developer at $130 a share.


We can’t know for sure is actually planning to purchase Take-Two and make GTA 6 an exclusive PS5 title, but if there is something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that Microsoft’s Xbox is going to be doomed if this happens.

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