Fortnite Update Enables Cross-Play By Default On Consoles

The newest Fortnite update for consoles enables cross-play by default, allowing Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players to be entered in the same matchmaking lobbies for the fan-preferred Battle Royale mode.

Epic has championed cross-play between the Xbox One and the PS4 for a long time, and the company was the first to succeed. PlayStation agreed to enable cross-play for the game in the fall of 2018, with the option being available for those that allowed the beta.

Now, players will have to tick an agreement to be able to play against enemies from the opposite platform, but they don’t really have a choice. Those that opt out will be limited and won’t be able to access the Battle Royale mode, but Creative Mode and Playgrounds will remain open.

Now that Xbox and PS4 owners can play together with Nintendo Switch players means that they will be matched with other Nintendo Switch players as well as those that play their game on their smartphones. They used to be paired with the other consoles, but Epic has stated that the new matchmaking protocol will improve the experience for both Mobile and Switch players in the long run.

Fortnite Update Enables Cross-Play On Consoles By Default

The changes are also better for Epic since it allows the company to support more data center locations and increase the quality of the matches.

In other news, the latest season is already available for some time now. Season 8 arrives with a pirate theme, and the transformations are already visible on the island. Earthquakes caused by an NPC which sought to escape the tyranny of the Ice King led to some changes, and the escaped Prisoner has made some significant alterations with the help of lava. A mighty volcanic fissure can send players up to the sky and give them the chance to look for impressive, legendary look.

Fresh items have been added into the game to spice things up thanks to the latest Fortnite update, besides adding cross-play by default. Players can use a cannon to launch themselves towards an objective. New skins are also available, and a new vehicle called the Baller will allow players to travel around the map in style.

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