Garena Free Fire Vs. PUBG Mobile – The Comparison Of Two Most Popular Battle Royale Games

Battle Royale games are the latest trend in the gaming world. There are numerous battle royale games out there. However, when it comes to realistic shooters, PUBG and Garena Free Fire seem to be the most popular ones. Today we are going to compare these two, to see what the differences between these two are. Let’s get started.

Based on the same concept

If we try to describe the two games, we can see that the descriptions would be almost identical. Players are dropped on an island where they have to survive and become the last ones standing. The games can be played solo, duo or in a team.


One key difference between these two games is that in PUBG you will have to compete against 99 other players, as 100 players are dropped on the island. Meanwhile, in Free Fire there are only 50 players in a game. This difference is an important one, as it also determines the length of the game.


This is a clear advantage for PUBG. While Free Fire has decent graphics, they are nothing compared to the ones of PUBG. In fact, even the mobile version of PUBG comes with breath-taking visuals, especially when it comes to the landscapes.


In PUBG there are no heroes, and each player has the same character which can be customised with the help of various skins. Meanwhile, Free Fire allows you to play as various heroes. Each hero has a different ability and they need to be unlocked.


As we mentioned before, PUBG has amazing graphics. However, this also means that the game requires a lot more storage. You need a device with a minimum of 1.5 GB of storage available. Meanwhile, for Free Fire you need just 500 GB of storage. In terms of battery life, both games will drain your battery.

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