Gearbox Teases For A New Game Besides Borderlands 3 Before Its Panel At PAX East 2019

Until now, Gearbox has released four teases ahead its panel at PAX East 2019. While the first one suggested that Borderlands 3 would be revealed at PAX East, the other teases hinted to different new games. That brings us to the fourth and most recent tease that Gearbox made via its Twitter page.

More specifically, the fans believe that Gearbox would reveal the new Borderlands 3, announce the launch of Borderlands 2 for Nintendo Switch, and would also launch a new DLC for We Happy Few. All that would take place during PAX East 2019. However, the latest image released by Gearbox on Twitter is not saying much about the upcoming new game.

But that did not stop the fans from speculating and coming up with various theories. Most of the fans suggest that the ampersand image is a hint to a new Penn & Teller title. In fact, a Penn & Teller VR game has already been announced, so it might be possible to see it at PAX East 2019.

Gearbox would reveal another new game besides Borderlands 3 at PAX East 2019

While many fans think that the ampersand image Gearbox shared on Twitter hints to a new Penn & Teller title, some other people believe that it’s a direct suggestion to Brothers In Arms or We Happy Few. Since Gearbox already teased for We Happy Few, the only viable option remains Brothers In Arms.

“So if you look at Gearbox Official’s Twitter bio you’ll see an ‘&’ before Brothers In Arms and We Happy Few. Considering the other tease is probably We Happy Few related, this second tease can possibly be Brothers In Arms related!! Mystery solved,” said one Twitter user.

It’s possible to see more of these teases on Gearbox’s official Twitter page in the following days, but we’ll soon find out everything about Borderlands 3, Penn & Teller VR, We Happy Few, or Brothers In Arms. The Gearbox panel at PAX East 2019 will take place on March 28th, between 2 PM and 3 PM ET.

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