Minecraft: Top Three Tips and Tricks for Begginers

Microsoft announced recently that Minecraft is going to be included in the Game Pass subscription service. Therefore, lots of new players are going to join the Minecraft universe and they will find themselves amazed with how many things they can do in the game. We know that the learning curve in Minecraft is steep and this is why we decided to round up the top three most useful Minecraft tips and tricks so that new players can learn everything they need in order to get better in only a couple of minutes.

Top Three Tips and Tricks

  1. Clever Use for Fences

One of the most useful tricks that new Minecraft players can learn is how to use fences as doors. Even though this might sound a little bit counter intuitive at first, using fences for doors is great for keeping monsters and unwanted visitors outside your house. The gap between the fence and the wall is great because players can use it as an opening to shoot down enemies.

  1. How to Find Precious Resources

The top priority of all Minecraft players is to start gathering precious resources such as diamond, gold, lapis, iron and coal as much as possible. The trick here is to go all the way to bedrock and then dig up 11 blocks. This will open up the best mining spot for precious materials.

  1. How to Get a Good Vantage Point

New Minecraft players who want to check out their surroundings but don’t have a big mountain to climb should be happy to know that there is a simple and easy way to create a good vantage point. This can be done by placing trees on top of trees. The trick here is to place a block of dirt on top of each tree.

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