Pokemon Go: How to Increase the Friendship Level Faster!

Mastering Pokemon Go is no easy task. Even though the gameplay might seem simple at a first glance since all that players need to do is to walk around the city and catch rare Pokemon, this isn’t actually the case. Pokemon Go is a fun game that features multiple systems that give players reasons to come back for more such as the Friendship system for example.

The Friendship system is a new mechanic in Pokemon Go and therefore, most of the player base has a difficult time learning how to use it at its full potential. This mechanic can be used once a day by players in order to raise the Friendship levels. With that said, today we are going to show all Pokemon Go players how to increase the Friendship level faster than normal!

Increase the Friendship Level Faster!

  1. Be Active!

Our first tip for increasing the Friendship level faster is to be active. We advise all Pokemon Go players to raid, Gift and Gym with their friends every single day. Doing all these activities every single day will help players get to the Ultra Friend status in 30 days and to the Best Friend status in 90 days.

  1. Gifting

We know that some players might have long-distance friends and this makes it difficult to Raid or Gym with them. Luckily, here is where the Gift feature comes in. Players should make sure to gift their long-distance friends and to open gifts from them every single day because there is no faster way to boost the Friendship leveling speed.

  1. Gyms and Raids Don’t Have Limits

Even though the Gift feature has a limit of 20 gifts per day, Raids and Gyms don’t have any limits. Therefore, Pokemon Go players can coordinate with their friends to do as many Raids and Gyms as possible every day.

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