GTA 6 is Not Going To Be A PlayStation 5 Exclusive Game

The web has been buzzing with rumors that Sony is interested in acquiring the company known as Take-Two. If this company’s name rings a bell, then that ts because Take-Two is in charge of Grand Theft Auto franchise. This rumor makes sense because Sony is known for investing lots of money in exclusive PlayStation games and 2018’s God of War is the perfect example of that. However, this rumor has proved to be false.

Sony Will Not Purchase the GTA Franchise

Sony noticed the rumor and decided to shut it down once and for all. The Japanese based tech giant confirmed that it doesn’t plan to acquire Take-Two and that GTA 6 is not going to be exclusive to PS4 or PS5. While this might be bad news for PlayStation fans, we can be sure that Xbox One and Nintendo Switch fans are glad to hear that the rumor was false all along. In addition, Yuji Nakamura who is a Tokyo based journalist for Bloomberg reached out to Sony and he is the one who found out that it is false.


We think it’s safe to say that GTA 6 is the most highly anticipated game in the world. This game has been years in the making and GTA 5 which is the latest installment in the franchise is an incredible game that has raked in billions of dollars in profits. Therefore, the expectations bar for GTA 6 is set really high.

Just imagine how many more PlayStations Sony would sell if GTA 6 released as a PS4/PS5 exclusive title. However, Take-Two and Rockstar Games which is its parent company knows that this would prove to be a bad financial decision. The game is going to sell thousands of units across all platforms and limiting it to Sony’s consoles would ensure that the game doesn’t sell as well as it should.

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