Garena Free Fire: Where is the Best Place to Land?

Battle Royales have taken the gaming industry by storm in 2018 and no one can deny that. The most popular online games across all platforms are Battle Royales and this sows us just how fun these games are. What’s great bout Battle Royales is that they bring the same fun and action-packed gameplay experience on Android and iOS devices as they do on console and PC. The perfect example of this Garena Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is a popular game that has been downloaded by nearly 20 million people on the Google Play Store. Although, Garena Free Fire is not a copy of Fortnite or PUBG and it ships with its own unique take on the Battle Royale mode and this is why millions of people are playing Garena Free Fire every day. With that said, today we want to help all Garena Free Fire players get better by showing them the best landing spots.

Where to Land?

The first thing that players need to do in all Battle Royales is to find a spot to land. In Garena Free Fire players will jump out of a plane at the same time with 49 other players and therefore, figuring out which are the best places to land is essential.

There is no thing as the best landing spot in Garena Free Fire and players need to take other things into consideration when choosing where land. Let’s say that a player wants to get into a gunfight right from the start, then that player is advised to land in towns.

The reason behind this is that 90% of the player base jumps into towns because that is where guns and other items spawn faster than it other places. On the other hand, players can always pick to land in a small village or on top of a hill where they will probably be alone.

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