Garena Free Fire – Are Vehicles Worth It?

Garena Free Fire is a fun mobile game that offers a different take on Battle Royales. Players will jump into the arena alongside 49 enemies and they will need to make sure to be the first ones to get a gun in order to survive. While this might not sound that complicated at first, remaining the last one standing in Garena Free Fire is a difficult task, but this is also why it’s so rewarding.

With that said, today we are going to analyze if getting in vehicles is worth the trouble in Garena Free Fire. The reason why we are doing this is because we want to provide players with all the pros and cons of using a vehicle so that they can decide if being sneaky and silent on foot is better than riding in a car.

Are Vehicles Worth The Trouble?

The mobile game offers a variety of vehicles that can fit in an entire squad. This is why many players might want to jump in the first vehicle that they spot. On the downside of things, riding around in a vehicle will make the squad visible to all enemies. We believe that it’s always better to remain unseen and to trail behind rather than to make yourself known because jumping in a loud vehicle will basically put a target on your back.

On the other hand, we do need to mention that vehicles are essential when it comes to traveling quickly across the map. Vehicles can also be used in order to mow down unsuspecting enemies.


Our opinion on vehicles is that Garena Free Fire players should never get in a vehicle if it’s not necessary. Being slow but silent is always the better option in games like Battle Royales. Although, Garena Free Fire is still a game after all and having fun is what really matters so if you enjoy riding around in vehicles, then go for it.

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