Super Mario Party Receives Its First Update Months After It Was Released, And It Is Not What You Would Expect

Super Mario Party was released on Nintendo Switch five months ago, back in October 2018. Despite the fact that the game has been out for almost half a year, no updates were released until now, which was a bit concerning for fans.

While it is strange that Super Mario Party did not have any updates so far, it appears that a change was finally made. The first update of the game was finally released by Nintendo. However, don’t get too excited just yet.

Underwhelming update

Since the game didn’t receive any updates so far, we would have expected this one to be a major update. However, the update is definitely the opposite of what we would have expected. In fact the new version brings just one fix, and it appears to be a minor one:

Fixed an issue with Online Mariothon in which ranking data was not displaying properly.

This is clearly a surprise for all of us, and we would have expected version 1.01 to bring something major. Now it seems that Nintendo isn’t that focused on this game, and there is a chance that the game won’t ever receive any huge updates.

Super Mario Party

Mario Party is a classic, and the 4-player game can be played with your friends or family members. Super Mario Party also has its own 2 vs 2 mode that comes with grid based maps. The game also comes with Mariothon, a brand new mode:

“Test your skills in sets of five minigames with the new mode, Mariothon, and see how you stack up against players across the globe in Online Mariothon. Whether you’re pedaling tricycles, flipping meat, or who knows what else, you’ll use Joy-Con controllers in clever ways across 80 new minigames; some are all-out free-for-alls, others are 2 vs 2, or even 1 vs 3! Toad’s Rec Room lets you pair up two Nintendo Switch systems, which you’ll lay side-by-side on a flat surface like a real tabletop game. That way you can play a mini baseball game, battle tanks in custom arenas, or even see who can match the most bananas by repositioning the systems however you see fit!”

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