Clash of Clans Season Challenge Update is Now Here!

If you enjoy playing Clash of Clans in your free time, then we have some amazing news for you! Supercell, the developer in charge of Clash of Clans, has announced that a big update is going to arrive soon. This is a major update and it will introduce lots of cool features such as a brand-new Season challenges. With that said, today we are going to take a closer look at the new update in order to give Clash of Clans fans an idea of what to expect next.

Clash of Clans Season Challenges

The most important thing that the new update introduces is the Season challenges. The great thing about these challenges is that players are not required to have a clan in order to compete in them and the game will automatically keep track of all challenges.

One of the challenges is a daily one that gets refreshed every 24 hours and the second one is a monthly challenge that will be refreshed every seven days. Furthermore, the game’s UI (user interface) will have a special button that makes it possible for players to access the new challenges. The reason why players might want to hurry up and complete as many challenges as they can is because they will help them reach higher levels.

  1. Silver Tier

The first level that Clash of Clans players can achieve is called the Silver Tier. This tier includes lots of potions, magic items and resources. To make things even better, the Silver Tier will also give players access to the Season Bank that can store all loot that players have collected while attacking villages.

  1. Gold Tier

The Gold Tier is the second level that players can achieve during this Season challenge. The difference between this level and the first one is that this one rewards way more potions, magic items and resources.

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