Samurai Shodown Players Will Fight Against Opponents Created With Deep Machine Learning

There are only two months left until Samurai Shodown will be released. The game will come out in June and it will be available on most consoles, such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game will also become available on PC at a later date.

The Dojo mode

The Dojo mode will bring something unique to the game. If you thought that fighting bosses in other games is difficult, this time you will meet a rival made for you. Literally. The Dojo mode will use deep machine learning in order to create opponents. The Ghost AI will be based on the player’s behaviour. The computer will study the player in both online and offline modes, and the AI fighter will keep the player’s moves in mind.

This will definitely make fights more interesting and we are definitely excited to see how these fights will look like. Players can also receive the Ghost AI they “receive”. More than that, it is also possible download the AI characters of other players that are online. There is an Ironman Chalenge as well, allowing players to compete against 100 AI fighters in a row.

Samurai Shodown

Samurai Showdown will take place before the events of the original game, and after the ones of Samurai Shodown V. Players will meet once again thirteen familiar characters, including Earthquake, Galford and Haohmaru. Samurai Shodown will also bring three brand new characters and even more are supposed to become available after the release, through DLCs.

The game will also come with numerous modes, including offline battle modes, Online battle, Story and Practice, as well as the brand new asynchronous online mode, Dojo. The latest mode is definitely the most interesting one, as it brings AI fighters to the series.

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