Top 3 Advanced Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

If you want to achieve your childhood dream of becoming the best Pokemon trainer, then you have arrived at the right website! Today we are going to list a handful of advanced tips and tricks that will take any beginner Pokemon Go player and turn him into a pro overnight. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Advanced Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

#1 Catching Pokemon

Is there something more annoying in Pokemon Go other than when a Pokemon randomly spawns in someone’s backyard? This means that you will have to trespass in order to catch that Pokemon. Luckily, this isn’t necessary. Pokemon Go players should be happy to know that they can trigger the catching screen for Pokeball flicking just by touching the AR animated Pokemon form afar.

#2 The Fastest Trainer

One of the most fun and also most effective ways of catching Pokemon is to do it by using public transport. Pokemon Go players who have fast fingers and swipe at their screen while the train or bus is cruising through the city will fill up their Pokedex in no time. On the downside of things, the mobile game will not count any steps if the public transport vehicle is faster than 10mph.

#3 The Buddy System

The last tip that we have for Pokemon Go players is to bring a buddy with them everywhere they go. Just like Ash Ketchum traveled with Pikachu by his side, Pokemon Go players can also head over to their trainer profile and then select the “Buddy” option from the menu which makes it possible for them to get a new walking partner. The cool thing about the buddy system is that the picked Pokemon will receive lots of bonuses such as candies which will help it evolve.

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