Minecraft Survival Mode – How to Keep Monsters At Bay

Everyone who has ever played Minecraft’s Survival mode knows that when the night comes, the monsters come out to play. This is both infuriating because a Creeper might come and blow your house away, but its also what makes the mode so fun to play. Feeling the threat of the monsters gives players a rush and hearing them lurking during the night is always cool. Although, there are a couple of simple tricks and tricks that players can use in order to keep monsters at bay.

Use Torches!

The first thing that players need to do in Minecraft’s Survival mode is to create a safehouse to keep them safe during the night. The house doesn’t need to be anything sophisticated and a simple hut will do. The trick to keeping monsters at bay and avoiding creepers is to light up the area that surrounds the hut. This can be done just by simply placing torches all around. Torches are easy to make and the only resources that players need are a wooden stick and a lump of coal.

Ladders are Better Than Doors

A fun trick that we want to share with Minecraft players who want to stop being hunted by monsters and to become the hunters instead is to start using ladders instead of doors. This will block the monsters of the night from entering the house while also giving players enough room in order to take them down using a bow and arrow.

Build a Farm

The last tip that we have for Minecraft players is to invest the time and build a farm next to their house. Doing this will ensure that players always have access to precious resources and that they don’t need to wander off to far away from their safehouse.

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