Borderlands 3 Teaser Rolled Out, Seemingly Confirming A PAX East Announcement

Gearbox Software, after numerous teases, has seemingly announced that a new Borderlands game will come out soon, and a PAX East announcement might indeed take place. If you want to take a look at the video, you can watch it at the end of this article, even though the state Borderlands 3 is not explicitly outrighted by the trailer.

On the contrary to that, it seems more like an entirely new entry in the loot-based shooter series. The title of the teaser is “Mask of Mayhem,” and it shows the path through a kind of diorama in which familiar looking enemies and characters are posed in such a way that intrigue is built around what the subject of the game could be. Some of the high jinks players that will get into are also teased.

Gearbox Software might have teased Borderlands 3 in a new trailer

The first thing you will see is a shot of Psychos prostrating before an immense gun-wielding character that itself gets flanked by a statue of an angelic figure that is holding upside down version of the iconic Vault symbol of Borderlands. As you will be moved thanks to the camera shot through and around other scenarios you will see a character shooting from a buggy, a dragon, a robot ninja, a bunch of figures giving each other jumping high-fives, and plenty undercut swept-over hairstyles.

As you get to the end of the teaser, all that madness is put aside, and all the tapestry on the iconic mask the Psycho enemies wear is revealed to have been it. Although no gameplay can be seen, more of this new Borderlands title, which could be Borderlands 3, is expected to be shown by Gearbox at its PAX East panel on today, 28th of March. If you are excited about this game, you can take a look at the teaser yourself, below.

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