Legion of Heroes 1.9.42 Update for Android is Now Available

Mobile games used to be frowned upon by PC and console gamers due to their simplicity and low-quality graphics. However, things have changed during this past couple of years and millions of people worldwide are playing mobile games with Legion of Heroes being the perfect example of that. Legion of Heroes is a fun mobile game that is 100% free to play. Even though the game doesn’t charge a single dime, it still benefits from full-fledged developer support which means that Legion of Heroes is receiving new updates every other week.

Legion of Heroes 1.9.42 APK

The latest update for Legion of Heroes was released today and it sports the 1.9.42 version number. Fans of the mobile game should be happy to know that this latest update focuses on improving the game’s overall stability and it does this by introducing bug fixes.

While bug fixes might not be as exciting as new features, Legion of Heroes need to understand that bug fixes are actually what’s making the game fun to play. If the developers suddenly stopped releasing bug fixes every other week, then the game would randomly crash and ruin their gameplay experience.

System Requirements

The update weighs in at 72.08MB and we advise all Legion of Heroes players to download it over a stable Wi-Fi network instead of mobile data. Moreover, the update has been developed for smartphones that run on Android 8.0 Oreo. Luckily, the update can also be installed on a minimum of Android 4.0. Ice Cream Sandwich API 14 operating system which means that Legion of Heroes runs on lower-end smartphones without any problems.

Before we sign off, we want to go over the fact that the new Legion of Heroes update is available in the form of APK. This means that the update can only be installed on Android powered smartphones that have the “Unknown Sources” option enabled.

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