Toolbox for Minecraft: Pocket Edition Gets a New Update

Minecraft is one of the most popular games ever made and the fact that millions of people are still playing the game even though it’s been nearly a decade since Minecraft launched stands as testimony to how fun this game really is. On the downside of things, the content in Minecraft has run out and players don’t really have anything new to do. Luckily, here is where mods come in and save the day.

Toolbox for Minecraft

There are lots of powerful mods for Minecraft, but the one that stands out the most is called Toolbox for Minecraft. This is a launcher/modification for Minecraft: PE (MCPE) and it makes it possible for players to get access to every item that they want including the highly popular “Too Many Items” modification. Not just that, but this mod will also give players instant access to features such as potion effects, spawn rates, enchant items, change the weather, change time, set health and much more.

A New Update Has Arrived

Nonetheless, the reason why Toolbox for Minecraft is making headlines today is because the developers have just released a brand-new APK update. The update sports the 4.5.1 version number and it introduces a bunch of important software tweaks to the game.

The developers of the mod have noted in the update’s release information that the mod will now include support for “1.9.0” and “1.10.0” versions of Minecraft: Pocket Edition. This is great news because it means that more Minecraft fans are going to be able to access the endless number of features that the Toolbox for Minecraft mod brings.

As it is the case with every other update, the new 4.5.1 APK for Toolbox for Minecraft also comes with a bunch of bug fixes. These bug fixes ensure that Toolbox for Minecraft doesn’t make the game crash and this is why we advise all Minecraft fans to download it ASAP.

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