PUBG Mobile Newest Update Adds Extreme Weather To The Famous Battle Royale Title

While we’re almost in the middle of the spring, winter is coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, again. PUBG Mobile has recently received an update from Tencent, which allows players to choose to play in extreme weather mode. The new feature is available under the new “Innovation Factory” option.

The only concern you will have in this mode will not be snipers in ghillie suits. In addition to that, you will also need to fight with the chance of dying of hypothermia if you do not keep yourself warm, so against mother nature to be more precise.

The map in this mode does not change, it keeps its shape, but it has features that include deadly storms that hit the whole battlefield every five minutes. To survive the storms, players need to set up bonfires with the wooden branches they collect. The survival window is 90 seconds per storm.

PUBG Mobile update brings an extreme weather mode, making the game more challenging

If a player does not have even the tiniest source of warmth, they will die in about thirty seconds no matter where they are on the map. Going indoors does not make a difference. Fire is needed. All you need to do so you will not freeze to death is to you the plenty resources that are available for usage. Each wooden branch provides fifteen seconds of fire.

You can also keep yourself warm by cooking the animals that you hunt. In this mode, you can exclusively find chickens and deers that you will see wandering around buildings and fields. You will need two or three bullets to kill the animals you want to eat. The raw meat can be cooked over a bonfire and this way you will not die in case you no longer have branches to keep you warm.

The new PUBG Mobile update, therefore, is bringing in some quite surprising and challenging additions that would make the famous Battle Royale title even more exciting than it already is.

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