PS4 6.51m Firmware Update Rolled Out With Performance Improvements

The PlayStation 4 is the favorite console of this generation, with over 91 million units sold by December 2018. Now, PS4 6.51m firmware update rolled out, and it comes with performance improvements.

The home console was released in November 2013, and the device became a hit among consumers and users alike. A robust package of features and generous selections of exclusive games attracted lots of buyers who wished to enjoy the PS experience.

While the previous model was also quite popular, Sony added several improvements which made the PS4 superior. To reduce the cost per unit Sony decided to use a proprietary CPU architecture in PS3. Many video games studios condemned this decision since programming a game for the PS3 was a titanic task.

PlayStation 4 is Sony’s most successful and performant console

Unlike the PS3, the PS4 employs a developer-friendly architecture which made the developing process more comfortable and allowed studios to port games which were developed with other systems in mind without the need to completely rebuild the code. The lackluster DualsShock3 was also replaced by the Dualshock4 which was deemed as the best controller created by Sony.

Overall the console was great, but some fans were disappointed by a few choices made by Sony. The Blu-ray player introduced by the PS3 was abandoned since the company focused on the gaming aspect of the console.

Considerable controversy was sparked by the decision to drop backward compatibility. To compensate the loss, Sony introduced PlayStation Now, a subscription service which allows PS4 owners to stream hundreds of PS1, PS2 and PS3 games. Some players remained disappointed by the fact that they have to pay for a separate service to play games which they already own.

PS4 6.51m firmware update comes with performance improvements

As time passed several firmware updates were released, improving the gameplay experience and adding new features. A recent update allows PS4 owners to stream and play their favorite game on their iPhone with the help of the Remote Play feature.

The latest PS4 6.51m firmware update will improve the performance and stability of the console.

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