Clash of Clans April Update Introduces New 30vs30 League and Competitive Leaderboards

Clash of Clans is a fun mobile game that is designed around team play. Therefore, no one should be surprised to find out that the latest update for the game is introducing a brand-new League where players can fight in a 30vs30 mode. To make things even better, the game developer is also revamping all the League rewards in order to encourage Clans to start queuing up for the new League and defeat their opponents.

Not an April Fools Day Joke

First off, we need to make sure that everyone knows that this is not an April Fools Day joke. Even though the update is rolling out today (April 1st), Supercell is more serious than ever. In fact, Darian who is a Supercell developer took to the community forums in order to explain all the features that the new update introduces today so that players realize that this isn’t just a joke.

New League

As we have previously noted, the game will introduce a brand-new League where players can fight in a 30vs30 mode. Here is what Supercell’s Darian has to say about the new league:

“The Clan War Leagues are meant to be a competitive environment where Clans are able to test their skills and prove who the ultimate Clan is on the global stage. In order to encourage that competitive spirit, we have restructured the League Medal rewards to be based on your Clan’s performance in a particular League. In each League, there will be a maximum amount of Medals you can earn; however, how much of that maximum you earn will depend on how many Stars you individually earn in that League.”

New Leaderboards

“With the update, we will be posting an in-game Leaderboard at the conclusion of each League season. This Leaderboard will show the ranking of the Champion I Clans, based on your Clan’s position in your Champion I group, then Stars earned, with Destruction % for tiebreakers,” added Darien.

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