Free Fire 1.30.0 Launched With New Content and Features

We’ve all heard of Garena Free Fire. You know, the Battle Royale shooter that’s available on mobiles. Each game lasts for 10 minutes, and it places you on a remote island, where you play against other 49 players. All of you are looking for survival. Now, Free Fire 1.30.0 launched with new content and some exciting features.

In Free Fire, players choose where their starting point is, and they have a parachute to do that. Players need to aim for safe zones for as much as they can. Gamers can explore the map, hide in trenches, even become invisible by hiding in the grass. Remember, there’s only one goal: to survive and become the best of all.

Garena Free Fire is a favorite Battle Royale game on mobiles

You need to search for weapons, go after your enemies, and become the last one alive. While doing this, you may also need to avoid the airstrikes to gain an advantage against other players.

There are only 10 minutes and 50 players. Remember, the game will only last for 10 minutes. You need to make sure that in 10 minutes, you will become the best of them. Also, you can create squads out of 4 people and then communicate with them. You are the one to lead your team to victory.

In Free Fire, the graphics are amazing, and the controls are easy to use, and you’ll get the best Battle Royale experience from a mobile game.

What’s new in Free Fire 1.30.0?

Free Fire 1.30.0 comes with new characters waiting for you to play. For example, Caroline, who’s a young girl that comes from a very wealthy family, is here to join the Garena Free Fire universe.

If you’re not patient enough, you can always pre-order the Elite Pass for fantastic rewards. Also, thanks to Free Fire 1.30.0, you can now join a Guild.

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