Borderlands 3 Release Date Reportedly Leaked On Twitter By Gearbox

After five years of waiting Borderlands 3 fans were happy to learn that a new title is in development.
Borderlands 3 was showcased during PAX East, and the first trailer was well-received by fans. Many are looking forward to the release of the upcoming title, and it seems that it may come faster than it was expected at first.

Gearbox reportedly leaked Borderlands 3 release date on Twitter

A now-deleted post shared by the Borderlands 3 Twitter account teased that the title could be released on September 13th with the fans being encouraged to pre-order the game in exchange for exclusive Gold Weapons Skins Pack. The release date could be altered after the leak, but we won’t know until September arrives.

A more controversial issue is represented by the fact that another post featured a short video teaser in which the Epic Games Store logo was visible. While the option to choose between several different platforms would be enjoyable for some many believe that Epic is working on a yet another deal which will make the title an Epic Store Exclusive, with the game coming to Steam after at least a year will pass.

Gearbox’s tweet created a significant buzz on Twitter

A storm of tweets demanded an explication and Randy Pitchford, the CEO of Gearbox, decided to weight in and respond to what seemed to be minor jokes (since the two posts appeared on April 1st). Pitchford noted that 2K/Take-Two would decide the platforms which are selected for distribution and encouraged the fans to direct their questions towards 2K, underlining the fact that Gearbox is just the developer and doesn’t have a say in the matter.

He may have tried to appease the fans but it is likely that the following tweets served as fuel for the fire since Pitchford stated that exclusives are excellent when they offer advantages or the waiting period is short. A final tweet mentioned the fact that Gearbox is a fan of cross-play and Epic’s platform is appropriate for the interests of the studio.

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