Pokemon Go Fest Is Changing Locations For This Summer

The annual Pokemon Go Fest events that Niantic hosts return for this year and this time Chicago people will not be the only ones benefiting from it. Niantic announced as part of the Pokemon Go Summer Tour 2019 that several Pokemon Go Fests would be hosted by them this summer across Europe, North America, and Asia, the big event being brought for the first time to other regions.

In the Pokemon Go Summer Tour 2019 from Niantic, the first stop will be Chicago’s Grant Park which has previously been the host of two Pokemon Go Fests. Two days will be added this year to the event which will take place until 16th of June since 13th of the same month. To attend the event, as before, you will need to purchase a ticket, but following an update slated to roll out later this month, you will be able to do so from within Pokemon Go itself.

Pokemon Go Fest will also take place in Germany and Asia as part of Pokemon Go Summer Tour 2019

Niantic, after that, will host a Pokemon Go Fest in Dortmund, Germany. The event will take place at Westfalenpark, and it starts on the 4th of July and ends on the 7th of the same month. The Pokemon Go Fest Europe website will soon offer information regarding the ticketing. The Sumer Tour will be round out with a Pokemon Go Fest in Asia, but Niantic did not provide enough details about it which mean that those should be expected later on.

In previous years, you could potentially unlock special rewards during the global challenges during the events that you could participate in if you were not able to attend the Pokemon Go Fest events in-person. The same applies this year. Niantic will still host the monthly Community Days in June, July, and August so do not worry you will not have fun this summer.

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