Pokemon Go 0.139.0 Update Introduces Bug Fixes for Various Text Issues

Pokemon Go is one of the best mobile games available on the Google Play Store and the fact that the game is being played by millions of people from all over the world every day stand as proof of that. The reason why Pokemon Go is such a popular title is because it gives players the opportunity to live out their childhood dreams of wandering through the world and catching Pokemon as Ash Ketchum did in the famous animated TV series.

While the fantasy element of Pokemon Go might be what draws people to the game, this is not what keeps them around. Pokemon Go’s strongest feature is the implementation of AR (augmented reality) technology which makes the game feel immersive. To make things even better, Pokemon Go is updated on a regular basis with new content, features and bug fixes. In fact, today we are going to present the latest update for the game.

Pokemon Go 0.139.0 Update

Pokemon Go fans should be happy to know that a brand-new update has been recently released. The update changes the mobile game’s build number to 0.139.0 and it weighs in at 96.22MB. This is a major update and it focuses on improving the already fun gameplay of Pokemon Go by adding new features and removing some annoying text bugs.

Patch Notes

The developers of Pokemon Go announced in the patch notes of the latest update that the game is now going to make it easier for trainers who are Best Friends to become Lucky Friends. Not just that, but the mobile game is also making it possible for players to activate the stacking notifications badges directly through the Pokemon Go app.

Last but not least, the new update for Pokemon Go comes with a handful of bug fixes for various text issues. These bug fixes are also improving the overall stability of Pokemon Go, thus reducing the chances for the game to randomly crash.

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